A little while ago, Nathalie and I were heading out for dinner and had some spare time to kill. We were walking past Holt Renfrew and she goes, “Did you know they have a Laduree here?”

What?? I had no idea. So, of course, we made a pit stop before dinner. That’s right – for dessert. 😉

laduree holt renfrew vancouver 2
Photo by: Nathalie Green

The Laduree is located on the second floor, right next to the shoe section.


It’s a small area with a handful of beautiful seating but all your favourite macarons are available here (along with some snacks and high tea).

laduree holt renfrew vancouver 2
Photo by: Nathalie Green

Nathalie and I sat down for some tea and a couple macarons. We had four macarons flavours ($12) and some tea – Nathalie had the Jardin Bleu Royal which is a blend of Chinese and Sri Lankan black teas and has wild strawberry, rhubarb, cherry, corn flower petals and marigold flowers ($5). I had Jasmine ($6) – made with Chinese green tea and jasmine petals from Yin Hao Garden (recognised for it’s exceptional quality).


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Laduree is one of the founding reasons macarons grew in popularity here in North America – starting off their New York location that has massive lineups. Glad to see them expand further into places like Vancouver and Toronto!

I’d definitely recommend coming here, it’s more central and not too busy (at least, when we came) – Laduree definitely knows how to put beauty in every single detail  – right down to the chocolate squares and cutlery.

Food: 5

Service: 4

Value: 4

Ambiance: 5


Check out their website, including a menu here: https://www.ladureecanada.ca/