Easter is this weekend and my fondest memories (other than spending it with family, of course 😉 ) is the amount of chocolate and sweets came with the holiday.

I wanted to share some of my favourite treats during Easter – some oldies and some new ones that I had no idea existed until this year (but now am super-obsessed over!).

1. Sugarfina’s “Sun’s Out, Buns Out” Bunny Tails

I’m not going to lie, Sugarfina’s packaging and branding is so damn cute, they could package just about anything and I would buy it. Case in point – these strawberry marshmallows (which is a favourite of mine growing up) but with an adorable twist – a cute little puffy bunny tail on the back of the box.

2. Purdy’s Bunny Lolly

Purdy’s is a classic and I absolutely loved it when I received these during the different holidays growing up – one of my faves was definitely the bunny shaped ones – but I’m also partial to the smiley face they have on a regular basis. They also have them in dark and white chocolate.

3. Cadbury’s Mini Eggs

This is a must ever year for me. There’s something about the crunchy candy shell and sweet, milk chocolate inside that is so addicting I could eat an entire bag to myself (just…dont tell my doctor).

4. Kinder Surprise Easter Edition

Kinder Surprise treats are wildly popular with kids – not only is it a sweet treat but there’s a toy inside that most of the time they’ll have to build. Two in one bonus!

5. Sugarfina’s Bunny Bark

UMM Pink Chocolate? Sign me up. The packaging is adorably cute and the white chocolate (turned pink) with sprinkles is the perfect Spring treat – you might not want to share this with anyone else. The chocolate hails all the way from Paris, so it’s even more of a delight!

What are your favourite/go-to Easter treats? I’m obviously more inclined to chocolate, but there are so many different candies and marshmallow treats out there!