All Images by Nathalie Green.

We started our third day at Taiwan Museum of Art. Fun fact, it’s free and there is a lot of art to view. I would recommend this to any budget tourist who loves art. A lot of the art in this museum is contemporary and modern.

taichung taiwan food

We went to Love Love Mi House after, a cat café down the street. Unfortunately, the kitties were hiding. They had tasty pasta and other Western type food. I feel a little cheated having a catless experience but it was a quaint little café popular with the youth on the street.

taichung taiwan food

We went to the Fish Market after. Our taxi driver recommended it. To hire someone for a day costs around 1,500NT and it is very worth it. You can hire someone for the week for 7,000 NT.

taichung taiwan harbour


taichung taiwan wind turbine

We went to Gaomei Wetlands after our fish-capade. We were on the bridge first, observing windmills. We were completely oblivious of the pier here where you can walk out into the sea. You’re not allowed to walk in the wet sands until the very end. It’s a sight to be seen!

taichung taiwan wind turbines

taichung taiwan seaside

And without further ado, we went to one of the larger night markets in Taichung – The Feng Chia Night Market. I don’t know how I feel about the night markets at home anymore. This one is a little district of the city in itself, bustling with people and riders on mopeds weaving through the crowd. The food is UNREAL. There’s everything you can dream of: deep fried seafood, bubble tea of every variety, baked goods, beef noodles, stinky tofu, blood sausage – everything. My indecisive little mind exploded and I ended up just getting beef noodles and a pineapple bun with a chunk of butter at the centre.

taichung taiwan night market

taichung taiwan food

taichung taiwan pineapple bun

My poor weak body. One thing I will eternally miss about Taiwan is the nightlife, a city that never sleeps. I was trying my best to not get stabbed on Granville St in Vancouver the other night, but in Taipei and Taichung, there was millions to do. (This bookstore depicted was also open late night.)

taichung taiwan

taichung taiwan