If you’re walking around the Richmond premium outlets, you’re bound to work up an appetite. While the McArthur Glen Premium Outlets have recently announced their expansion plans, there are a couple of places within the already built area that you can grab a bite to eat.

One of these places is Neptune Wonton Noodle – a local Chinese chain that serves up – you guessed it wonton noodle soup. I was in the area shopping for a present with my parents and we decide to have a quick dinner here.

I ordered the Wonton Soup and my dad ordered the 2 kinds of BBQ meat with rice along with a salty yolk steam bun.

neptune-noodle-house mcarthur glen

My wonton soup was a good size, a bit bigger than you’d find at your usual Chinese restaurant and the wontons were good too – they weren’t too salty and had good flavour to it. They definitely put a lot of noodles in this dish, so it’s perfect if you’re starving!

neptune-noodle-house mcarthur glen

My dad’s 2 types of BBQ meat and he ordered the roast pork and barbecue pork. The portion was a good size and it came with some greens. The pork was more on the leaner side (my dad prefers the more fattier cuts, but I like it on the leaner side). The meat is a little on the dry side but it wasn’t terribly dry.

neptune-noodle-house mcarthur glen

neptune-noodle-house mcarthur glen

The salty yolk steam bun was good – nice and fresh.

neptune-noodle-house mcarthur glen

Overall the food is good, the pricing is obviously more than what you’d find elsewhere in Richmond (or anywhere for that matter) – but you’re shopping at the Premium Outlets which is targeted towards tourists and they’re paying the rent there. That being said, would I go here JUST to have the food? Probably not. If I was walking around the premium outlets, this would be one of my picks though!

Food: 3.5

Service: 4

Value: 2

Ambiance: 3


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