We were recently invited to check out the new items available at your local Superstore – I have to say I’ve become a wee bit obsessed with buying items for food styling and for every day use from the PC Home Collection. The price point is always affordable and everything is quite stylish!

pc insiders summer collection 2018

Here are my faves from the collection:

Image provided by PC
Image provided by PC

1. Ice Cream/Burger Beach Towel ($8)

Honestly, what respectable food blogger would not have this in their collection?

Image provided by PC

2. PC Decal Glasses – Pineapple and Toucan ($4)

Sangrias, spiked lemonades and radlers come to mind when I look at these.

Image provided by PC

3. PC Infusion Pitcher ($9)

I know I’ve got to drink more water and this is the perfect way to have it – mix a little citrus or some berries and meeting your water quota is a cinch!

Image provided by PC

4. PC Sunday to Go Cup ($7 large, $6 small)

HOW CUTE are these. I dont know why I’d ever need them, but I need them. Possibly for milkshakes or blended ice drinks.

Image provided by PC

5. PC Melamine Square Platter ($14)

This is one item I went out and immediately purchased (it was on sale, by the way!) – I need more large serving platters and this is going to pair perfectly for my upcoming tropical themed baby shower.

Image provided by PC

6. Floral/Toucan Placemat

I own a couple of their placemats already and they’re the perfect background for Instagram shots!

Image provided by PC

7. TG Square Cushion ($12)

The easiest way to make your place (or outdoor space) more summery is the addition of colour – and this can be easily done with vibrant pillows like this pineapple one!


Some of the PC Food items we enjoyed:

pc insiders summer collection 2018

1. Skyr Lactose-Free Yogurt Bars

They were so delicious and the perfect guilt-free treat!

pc insiders summer collection 2018

2. Rocky Road Ice Cream Bars

Nothing says Summer more than a crunchy, chocolately ice cream treat.

3. PC Nitro Cafe Brew

This is going to become a staple in our fridge during the summer!

4. Hardwood Smoked Chicken Thighs

If you’re in a pinch for dinner, these smokey, gooey thighs are fantastic to throw into the oven or put on your grill.

Superstore and PC make it so easy to pick up dinner or items for entertaining plus pick up some extra, affordable decor to elevate your party! I can’t wait to share some of the items I’m going to be using for my upcoming baby shower!

For more info on PC Products: https://www.realcanadiansuperstore.ca