Celebrating with our family and our close friends, we held a Baby Shower not too long ago. We’ve got 6-ish weeks to go and having the Baby Shower solidified that the countdown is on!

We kept the event relaxed so that people could just mingle and nosh on food and the kiddies could run around and play some games.

We blew up some balloons for decorations and I bought two games (Pop-Up Pirate and Crocodile Dentist) as the kids coming were ranging between 2-5 and I wanted to find something easy enough for them to play. Although the two games were a hit with the kids, they were more entertained by the balloons I bought (they were huge 12-24″ balloons), so I guess balloons it is for next time!

The decor theme was white, green and gold/yellow. Nathalie let me borrow her backdrop. I used some vines and flowers to create a greenery scene. Originally, I was going to put a sheet as well but in the rush of heading to the venue, we forgot them at home – it still turned out ok! I also bought this inflatable “Baby” balloons from PartyCity. I also lined each table with white table cloths and palm leaves.

For food, we stuck with sweets and savouries since the party was during a weird time of day (3-5). On one side, we had the savouries – meat, cheese and anti-pasto platters, egg salad sandwiches and ham and cheese croissants. On the other side was the sweets – powdered donuts, cream puffs, glazed donuts, veggies and cut up fruit.

The beautiful succulent cupcakes were made by dear bestie Nickie – they’re chocolate or coconut flavour and vegan!

For favours, we had cute shortbread from Whole Foods (thanks to Lily) that I iced myself.

We’d like to thank everyone who came out and my parents, Josh, Nickie, Mario and lil Luca who helped us set up, decorate, make beautiful cupcakes (Nickie!). They say it takes a village to raise a child and it took a village to set up and make this baby shower happen.

Photos by Josh Green