Bard on the Beach is back this season with arguably one of the most famous and notorious Shakespearean plays: Macbeth. Macbeth, in short is a descent into madness that only corruption can do to a powerful mind.

We were invited recently to the opening of Macbeth and we wanted to share our thoughts on the performance:

We really enjoyed the stage design – utilizing the large window in the back to bring nature into the play – it felt like it was establishing all the calmer parts of the play. And, as the play went on and night began to descend, it felt like it added to the mood as the story progressed.

bard on the beach macbeth
Moya O’Connell & Ben Carlson, Macbeth (2018) Photo: Tim Matheson

We were impressed with not only the three witches stellar performance (it felt like it screamed a darker version of Hocus Pocus), but with Lady Macbeth (played by Moya O’Connell). Her stage presence was haunting, commandeering almost which made her performance stand out to us.

We enjoyed the sound design of the play, it was used tastefully and always complimented the scene rather than distract or get lost in it.

Our favourite part was the sword fight at the very end and the choreography around it. The use of the door to limit what you saw of the troops and other soldiers fighting lent to the scene, while MacDuff and Macbeth’s sword fight was compelling!

We always enjoy checking out Bard on the Beach every year – and remember fondly back in high school when we were first introduced to it. It’s great to support not only local arts but the talent both on stage and off.

Macbeth plays from June 6 till September 13 at the BMO Mainstage at Vanier park – for more information and tickets, check out their website here: