One of my first experiences at La Petite Cuillère was their tea cup sales they used to have. There was a lineup on the street and I stood between shelves of beautiful teacups and tea sets as people sifted through. More recently, a friend of mine DarkLake Tarot has hosted tea and tarot sessions here. I am that local that used to visit often but disappeared from the scene when I moved out of the area.

la petite cuillere interior

la petite cuillere interior

We were invited recently for brunch and afternoon tea – my first since the new menu and new owners – and I was delighted!

la petite cuillere menu

The switch came in November 2017 and the space has been completely renovated, along with the menu. Their focus: quality ingredients, from-scratch cooking along with the ability to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

la petite cuillere tea

la petite cuillere tea

My favourite of the set was the Jasmine Tea Infused scone with raspberry preserve and Devonshire cream, the consistency of the crispy shell, and the sweet, soft interior was perfect.

la petite cuillere  high tea

My second favourite item was the Cozy Caramel Crème brulee, mostly because its summer and I’m looking for formidable but light tasting dessert.

One item that surprised me was the Spring salad, elevated by the Green Tea Goddess Dressing accompanying it.

la petite cuillere afternoon tea

The other items on the tower include: a maple buttercream cupcake, matcha brown butter tea cake, a pistachio macaron, turmeric, leek & cauliflower soup, Darjeeling roasted chicken tartlet with cranberry chutney, Lapsang tea egg salad croissant and a mini mushroom and caramelised onion quiche.

la petite cuillere brunch

Out of the beautiful, photoworthy brunch spread, I enjoyed the breakfast quiche. The creamed spinach is infused with oolong, then mixed with mushroom, squash, caramelised onion and mozzarella.

la petite cuillere vegan waffle

My second favourite item (because I’m secretly a vegan in disguise) were the Vegan Buckwheat Waffles. I find with vegan recipes that incorporate chocolate, that they’re so much more enjoyable because the taste of the chocolate stands out. I enjoyed every bite of the dark chocolate, salted caramel, Earl Grey butter and raspberry compote.

la petite cuillere french toast

The other items for brunch we tried were the Chai Tea French Toast (candied hazelnuts, blueberry compote, chamomile mascarpone cream), Croque Madame (darjeeling béchamel, leek jam, swiss cheese, ham egg) and Vegan Fritatta.

la petite cuillere

la petite cuillere

la petite cuillere

The interior has been renovated and is gorgeous and whimsical. The seating is Instagram-worthy, with bright pink princess chairs and dramatic black-floral chairs fit for a Queen.

la petite cuillere interior

la petite cuillere chef frankie
Chef Frankie

Chef Frankie Cannata-Bowman is an American trained chef working in Seattle for a decade before moving to Vancouver and was short listed as one of Seattle’s Top Five Next Hottest Chefs by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine. She mentioned how her true love is tea and how she’d be excited to run her own tea room soon. We wish her the best – if the menu is any indication, we’ll be visiting on the regular!

la petite cuillere spoons

la petite cuillere interior

We encourage you to go check out La Petite Cuillère, as they also participate in Mealshare – a non-profit organization that provides nutritious meals to kids in need. For every dedicated menu item purchased at La Petite, Mealshare in turn provides a healthy meal for a child who may not be able to access regular meals.

La Petite Cuillère is open for brunch 10am-2:30pm daily.

For more information and their menu, check out their website here:

Disclosure: We were invited to brunch and our meal was paid for, however all opinions are our own.