Nathalie and I were looking for a quick spot to grab lunch in Kerrisdale, so we decided to check out Orange Corner, a Taiwanese bubble tea cafe.

The space is small with maybe 5-6 tables and ample patio seating out front.

When you order a combo meal, you can add $3.99 for a large (24 oz!!) bubble tea.

I ordered the Chicken Nuggets with Noodle in Soup ($10.95). Nathalie ordered Chicken Nuggets on Rice ($10.95) with Earl Grey Milk Tea.

orange corner kerrisdale

My dish was good, the amount of chicken was a fair amount and it was crispy but had more meat to it. It could’ve used a bit more spice in it, but overall not bad. The soup portion is large, and I like the addition of seaweed to it – it gave it a nice, saltier flavour. The broth is light and overall good for a warm day when you’re craving soup (yep, I’m weird and I can’t blame it on pregnancy cravings because I’ve always been weird like this!).

orange corner kerrisdale

Nathalie’s set meal had the same portion of chicken as mine, but of course hers was with rice instead. She also had pickled cucumber and celery and bean sprouts. There’s also some grass jelly in condensed milk to finish off the meal. I thought this was a pretty good portion size for the price.

orange corner kerrisdale

Nathalie’s Earl Grey Milk tea is massive – normally you’ll be paying $4.75, but if you order a meal it’s $3.99. I wasn’t sure whether she’d finish it but she took it like a champ! Their bubble tea is nothing groundbreaking, but solid nonetheless.

Food: 3.5

Service: 3.5

Value: 3.5

Ambiance: 3


For more information, check out their website here: