There’s a new ice cream joint in town and you’ll find it right on Thurlow and Robson. Perverted Ice Cream serves up soft-serve treats with a cheeky twist.

perverted ice cream
Photo by: Nathalie Green

I ordered the Brand Spanking, made with cream and chocolate swirl and then topped with crumble, a black chocolate shell, chocolate curls and a chocolate wafer sitting pretty atop a dark cone.

perverted ice cream brand spanking

The soft-serve treat is a good portion and surprisingly not as expensive as I thought it would be ($5-ish dollars). The soft serve is made with organic milk  and is not too sweet. The crumble although blue, didn’t have any distinct flavour to it, but more so gave the ice cream more crunch. The dark chocolate shell wasn’t bitter, but also a nice crunch added to the ice cream. Overall, it was a nice treat but there really wasn’t much flavour other than the chocolate and vanilla soft serve. I think that the Brand Spanking is a nice introduction.

perverted ice cream smores
Photo by: Nathalie Green

Nathalie ordered the Beg for S’more which is chocolate soft serve, perverted cocoa, chocolate sauce, a graham cracker cookie and toasted marshmallow on top. On the bottom of the cone, you’ll find some marshmallows as well! This had more flavour.

perverted ice cream
Photo by: Nathalie Green

Josh ordered the Cocoa-Dependency: chocolate soft serve, chocolate sauce, chocolate curls and a stick of chocolate.

Be sure to eat your ice cream quick, as they do not add artificial stabilizers, so it tends to melt more quickly!

Food: 3.5

Service: 4

Value: 4

Ambiance: 4


For more information, visit their website: