I’ve been on maternity leave for about a month now (I know, I jumped the gun too early) and been doing nothing much else but eating and nesting. My parents invited me to check out the River Rock Buffet breakfast with them one morning mid-week and I figured it’d be better than being stuck at home!

At the time of writing this review, for breakfast (served 6:30am-10:30am), adults cost $19.95, Seniors $16.95 and children $9.95 – if you have an Encore card, its slightly cheaper (Adults $17.96, Seniors $15.26). Of course, my parents have the Encore Card, so all in all, it wasnt too bad a price point.

At the start of the buffet, you’ll find some granola and dried fruits (apricots, raisins, prunes), along with some fresh fruit (oranges, bananas,grapes, apples and pineapple). You’ll also find some of the fruit medley which is mostly cantaloupe, honey due, pineapple and grapes (although they’ve got some added sugar to them).

You’ll also find some fresh juice – the day I went was Orange, Apple and Grapefruit. They have some boxed cereal as well for the kid in you (or the kid you bring along!).

In the cold section, you’ll find yogurt, smoked salmon, capers, red onions, sliced cheeses, canned diced pineapples, some mixed greens, potato salad, pasta salad, canned oranges, cottage cheese, olives, sun dried tomatoes, sliced meats and cucumbers.

In the hot section, they had eggs benedict, bacon, sausage, grilled vegetables, mini quiche, turkey bacon, omelettes, hash browns, French toast.

They also had a hot food side dedicated to more Asian food – congee, hot milk, spring rolls, dim sum items like hau gau and siu mai, along with stir fried noodles, Chinese donuts, boiled soy eggs and green beans.

They have oatmeal, baked beans and a pastry area that included toast, bagels, mini croissants, muffins, cinnamon rolls and donuts.

In the area where they usually have the carving station, they have self-serve waffles (with different toppings like blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream, syrup) and a build your own omelette station where you pick what toppings go into your omelette.

Overall, the buffet is not bad – it’s a good way to start your day if you’re staying at the hotel. Whether it warrants a trip to River Rock just for the Breakfast Buffet is another story. The variety is ok, it’s nice to see some Asian dishes, but overall pretty standard breakfast food. I think they could spice it up a bit by maybe having different themes or offer something that you can’t just get anywhere else. But, if you’re looking for a pretty standard, continental type-breakfast, this might be for you. I’d highly recommend getting an Encore card (it’s free to sign up), so you get the discount.

Check out my video review here:

Food: 2.5

Service: 3.5

Value: 2.5

Ambiance: 3


For more information on the River Rock Buffet, check out their website here: http://www.riverrock.com/dining/buffet/