I was here a while ago on assignment with Tourism Richmond, but ever since I’ve been, it’s become one of my favourite places for home-style Korean food.

I came here with Nathalie and of course, we had to order all the staples. Thankfully at Samsoonie, they have two sizes for many of their popular dishes, so we ordered the smaller portions.

samsoonie richmond dumplings

We started off with their Fried Dumpling (5 pieces for $3.99). It goes without saying that I love dumplings, I like them here because they’re very crispy on the outside. There’s a lot of filling in these dumplings and they’re not too salty.

Samsoonie also serves banchan (small dishes) before the big meal comes – mostly the sprouts and kimchi.

samsoonie richmond japchae

Up next is our Japchae ($9.55). What I like about their japchae is that it’s not just mostly noodles, but a good portion of veggies. The noodles are cooked but still have a nice snap to them and the sauce is there but not overly salty or overbearing.

samsoonie richmond bibimbap

Our next dish is the Bibimbap ($8.99). This was a nice, big portion and was very tasty. It comes with miso on the side as well.

Finally, the Korean Seafood Pancake ($7.99). I didn’t manage to take a snap of it because we were starving and ate right away, but it was the smaller size but perfect for two-three people. The pancake is filled with great toppings but still stayed pretty crispy overall. It’s one of my favourite dishes here.

Samsoonie can get pretty busy, so come early or expect a bit of a wait – but the food is great and is worth the wait!

Food: 4

Service: 3.5

Value: 4

Ambiance: 3.5