A&W has recently released their Beyond Meat Burger – a burger patty made especially from plant-based protein. Some of the ingredients include yellow peas, pomegranates, coconut oil, mung beans, rice, potatoes, apples and beets. Although the burger is 100% plant based, they do cook their patties on the same grill and the mayo in the burger has eggs.

a&w beyond meat burger

The burger itself includes lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayo.

In terms of taste – it tastes pretty good – and I’ve had a lot of ‘veggie’ burgers before. This one is probably the most tastiest – it has a nice almost smoky taste to it and it’s not too salty. It’s obviously not meat, so to a regular meat eater you may be able to tell, but for the most part, it’s flavour masks the fact that it isn’t meat.

a&w beyond meat burger

It’s a nice alternative if you’re looking to go healthier.

I still prefer their delicious Teen burgers though!


For more information on the A&W Beyond Meat Burger, check out their website here: https://web.aw.ca/en/beyondmeat