It looks like food and being a mom has finally collided on the blog here – with my first food review pertaining to breast feeding. Yep, I’m going there. When one thinks of breastfeeding, you think – ah, automatically milk comes out when baby is born and it’s a wonderful bonding experience between mama and baby. Well let me set the record straight that it hasn’t been a walk in the park for me. I’m a little over two weeks after giving birth and the bountiful water hose your boobs become after giving birth has not kicked in for me – it’s more like…a leaky faucet.

I’ve been given domperidone (which sounds like a poor man’s version of some nice champagne – but it isn’t) as a prescription to help my milk come in – although interestingly enough this medicine wasn’t made for breastfeeding – its made for gastroenteritis…

And as much as I want the medication to work for me and the lil spud, I want to try more ‘natural’ ways to kick start my lazy body (or at least try). So I bought a pack of Mother’s Milk Tea and Stork and Dove’s Booby Boons Lactation Cookies.

Stork and Dove is a Canadian company that specializes in these lactation cookies – on their website you can order a subscription or buy by the bag. I ordered a bag from Amazon ($9.99), as the Prime shipping was free and the cost was in Canadian (ps, I don’t get any kick backs from these links). Although the price is a little high for cookies, they are special cookies and you can’t really find much else on the market.

booby boons lactation cookies chocolate chip

They have three flavours: chocolate chip, cocoa quinoa and oatmeal raisin. They’re also wheat free, soy free, non GMO, preservative free and Kosher.

I ordered the Chocolate Chip version – and the instructions say to take 1-3 cookies, 1-3 hours before breast feeding.

The actual galactagogues (the items that help increase breast milk) found in the cookies include: oats, yeast and flaxseed.

booby boons lactation cookies chocolate chip

The cookies are not exactly the sweetest or indulgent cookies – but thats not really what they’re made for. They’re healthy and made to boost your milk supply. Not to say they taste bad, I think they taste just fine – not too sweet, enough chocolate chips in each cookie to be pretty satisfying. And since I was on such a strict diet during my pregnancy, to “have” to eat a cookie every couple hours is a treat for me!

The cookie is dense and heavy and quite crumbly in nature. It’s a little on the dry side but very similar to what you’d expect if you buy a bag of cookies from the grocery store (but healthier). The mix of the ingredients taste good, there’s no overwhelming flavour other than yummy chocolate (that I can gather anyway).

Now the question is whether it’s working or not for me? Its really hard to say since I’m doing the most with three different items that are supposed to boost my milk supply. I do notice an increase in how much I can produce every time I pump and it’s only been 2-3 days of doing all of this.

Either way, I don’t mind having these cookies every couple hours, they’re a nice treat and a good dose of sugar to help with my energy levels during the first couple weeks of bringing baby home.