In my search to turn my leaky faucets into fire hydrants, I’ve been told by most of my savvy mamas that Mother’s Milk tea helps increase supply. What’s in this magical tea? There’s bitter fennel fruit, organic anise fruit, fenugreek seed, blessed thistle herb, coriander fruit, spearmint, West Indian lemongrass leaf, lemon verbena leaf and marshmallow root – many of these items are natural galactagogues (items that promote milk supply). All of the ingredients are organic.

The instructions are to drink one cup 3-5 times daily. You’ll have to pour the tea and steep for 10 minutes covered and squeeze any remaining liquid from the tea bag once it’s been steeped.

The tea is an herbal and caffeine free tea, the smell of the tea is a nice, soothing blend of liquorice and lemon grass. The taste is not too bitter, but not sweet at all. The tea itself is a nice blend and easy to drink, it’s almost comforting to sip on.

The big question is whether this works, and from my circle of mom friends – it surely seemed to work for them. For me personally, I’m not entirely sure yet – I’m drinking this, eating lactation cookies and taking medication, and I’m on day 3, so it’s hard to say just yet whether it works. I do think my supply has gone up a bit, not a huge amount but still notable.

I bought this off Amazon here (ps, I dont get a kick back from this link, just wanted to share it).