With multiple locations in Japan (Hokkaido and Tokyo), Ramen Taka has open it’s first international location right here in Vancouver – which is quite fitting given the absolute love we have here for Japanese cuisine.

Making their own noodles and using soup that is clear rather than cloudy is a nod to the style of ramen from where the founder originates from. While the menu has all the staples of ramen (shoyu, shio, miso and kara) – they have other flavours that are seasonal that mix up the traditional set for delicious highlights of the season.

You can also try their big Giga Dragon challenge if you’re up to it – it’s 5x the size of a regular bowl and you get to choose what kind of ramen you get – the biggest in Vancouver!

ramen taka tsuke-men

I ordered the Dipping Dragon Tsuke-men ($14.50). I’m a big fan of the tsuke-men style of eating ramen and there’s not many places here that offer it. The soup broth is pork bone with seaweed and green onions.

ramen taka tsuke-men

The bowl with the noodles includes half an egg, bamboo shoots, chicken and black mushroom.

ramen taka tsuke-men

The portion size is good and quite filling. The noodles have a nice snap to them, so they’re perfectly cooked. The egg is marinated soft-boiled egg, it isn’t too heavily marinated, so the marination is very mild in flavour.

The broth is nice, it’s not too heavy like many other tsuke-men style bowls I’ve had and not too salty. It’s perfect for the summer weather or if you’re wanting something less heavy to eat.

ramen taka gyozas

We also received (for free) the Dragon’s Wing Gyoza ($5.95). These gyozas are nice and crispy on the outside and piping hot on the inside, a great way to start the meal.

They have other types of sides including chashu bowls, fried chicken, Japanese omelette and edamame.

I’d love to come back and try their Truffle Dragon and Shrimpy Dragon bowls – and I will definitely be back to try them for sure!

Food: 4

Service: 4

Value: 3.5

Ambiance: 4


For more information on Ramen Taka, check out their website here: https://ramentaka.ca/