Today I’m doing a mom review! I’ve gone between both brands for the first 8 weeks of little Winston’s life and I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with each brand.

We started off using Huggies Little Snugglers at the hospital while we stayed in the NICU for the first week, but we were given Pampers Swaddlers during our baby shower.

Here are some of the differences and similarities:

Pampers Swaddlers

  1. Pampers seem to run a little small on Winston, he’s got thunderous thighs though – there was some leaking when we were at week 3-4.
  2. I love the wetness indicator on the diaper, so you can tell if the diaper is wet.
  3. Pampers has a pleasant smell to it that masks the odor your baby might have.
  4. Not the Pampers Swaddlers, but I’ve been using Pampers Sensitive Wipes ever since we’ve been home and I like them a lot. They don’t have a particular smell and they come in a huge box – which is perfect because we burn through them pretty fast.

Huggies Little Snugglers

  1. Huggies seems to fit a bit larger than Pampers.
  2. I like the extra lining at the back of the diapers to keep blowouts from happening (most of the time).
  3. Huggies also has the wetness indicator!
  4. Huggies does not have a smell to them, so you’ll definitely know if your baby has done his deed (yep, mom life includes sniffing).
  5. Huggies seems to be a lot more absorbent with liquids.

There isn’t a brand I prefer over the other, I like both. Right now I’m just going with what fits Winston best. He’s at a point where he’s in-between sizes so the newborns are a little tight around his thighs, but size 1s are too long and would go past his belly button (for Huggies anyway).

I’ve tried some other brands but once you’re used to the wetness indicator, it’s hard to not have it.

I’m curious to see how the fits compare when he moves up sizes and eventually into toddler diapers.

Do you prefer one over the other? Why? Let me know in the comments below!