I visited Shaughnessy restaurant in Van Dusen Garden for brunch a couple weeks ago. If you want to eat at the restaurant, you don’t have to pay for admission to get into the gardens – but you still get a nice view! It seems to me they’ve renovated the interior since the last time I was there (or it’s a completely new building!) and it’s quite spacious and rustic but modern.

I ordered the shrimp and crab benedict ($19) – it’s served with smashed potatoes and some fruit. The english muffin seemed a bit too big for the portion of protein they put into the dish. The crab and shrimp portion is ok, there’s a bit of flavour from the dill but not much else as the hollandaise and egg is the main flavours you’ll get from it. While the portion of the entire dish is good, I would say it needs a bit more shrimp and crab and maybe some citrus notes to brighten this dish.

Food: 2.5

Service: 2.5

Value: 2.5

Ambiance: 3.5