One of (if not the) most iconic cookware brands Le Creuset is opening up another boutique at Richmond Centre tomorrow, September 28th, 2018. The first 400 customers will get these super cute, limited edition magnets that look like their iconic French Ovens in Parisian colours:


Additionally, the first 88 people to spend $88 will get an $88 gift card to come back and spend.

le creuset richmond centre

The store is filled with all sorts of cookware and accessories: you’ll find the traditional French Oven, stock pots and casseroles. You’ll also find recent additions including stainless steel pots and pans, toughened nonstick frying pans, knives and baking accessories.

Their toughened nonstick frying pans are free of chemicals and compounds that will never chip or flake as the nonstick element is forged into the pan itself.

I love their insulated cookie sheet which is made with two layers of carbon steel that enables air to flow through making sure cookies can be baked evenly.

le creuset richmond centre

What piqued my interest as well is the addition of knives to the Le Creuset brand, it’s definitely something I wouldn’t have thought of coming from them. These knives come in three different sets at different price points, but all of them are skillfully made in Germany.

At the Richmond location, you’ll be able to find set dinnerware in 9 different colours. Created in Canada, the dinnerware are available in sets of 4, so you can mix and match colours.

The detail that goes into each and every product is why Le Creuset is worth every penny. The majority of items you purchase at Le Creuset come with a lifetime warranty- but with the quality and care that goes into each item it’s hard to ruin them (trust me and my clumsy self to know!). I think of these items – especially my French oven – not only as the workhorse of my kitchen, but also as multi-generational pieces that can be passed down.

There are a lot of items that caught my eye during my sneak preview at the store today and I thought I’d share them with you (and maybe help me rationalize why I’m going to buy a couple of these items for my own!):

1) Risotto Pot 
This pot is the perfect size for my family and is made ergonomically, along with a precision pour rim (which is great for my messy self).

2) Sakura Round French Oven
I love beautifully designed items and this is one of them. It’s an exclusive item that is being sold right in Richmond Centre!

3) Insulated Cookie Sheet
Say goodbye to unevenly baked cookies, I’d love to add this to my baking repertoire!

4) Coupe Pasta Bowls 
Is it weird I prefer eating things in bowls? I think it must be from my Asian upbringing, but everything tastes better in a bowl.

5) Revolution Large Spatula
I was sold on the ergonomically designed aspect and the little details that are important (a flat edge to help scrape batter or sauces off the pot for example).

6) Fleur Cocotte 
How beautiful is this item? It’d be a dream item to have in my kitchen for sure. Another exclusive item being sold at the Richmond location.

For more information and to purchase Le Creuset items, check out their website here: