With the weather being as good as it is now, it’s hard to stay at home – especially with a baby. While there were many different strollers and stroller combinations (it can get cumbersome when you’re a new mom and have no idea what to choose or where to begin!), I decided to try out the Diono Quantum Stroller – their first foray into strollers (they’re well known for their car seats).

The Diono Quantum can be positioned 6 different ways and is a transitional stroller that should take you from newborn to toddler.

Here are the features that I like about the Diono Quantum Stroller:


1) The Canopy
The canopy is extra large so it protects baby from wind and weather really well. I like that it has a window at the top to check in on baby that’s got shade protection and has magnets to keep it in place.


There’s extra shade protection with the silver lining and I like that the entire cover can be positioned in several places to open for baby to see.

2) Large Bassinet

I love the large, wide bassinet for growing baby. On top of the bassinet is the protector which has dual zippers and magnetic snaps to fold it over.

3) Adjustable handles
I like the easy to adjust handles – perfect for different heights.


4) One step brake
I really like the ease of the one step brake, it’s super easy to just step down on it and the stroller will just stay in place.

5) Large Basket for Everything
This is large enough for groceries, diaper bags, jackets, pretty much anything!


6) Buttons, buttons everywhere!
I love how easy it is to remove and modify certain components of the stroller – basically with a push of a button (or two). There are buttons to remove the bassinet, insert and release a car seat adapter, to change the stroller from bassinet to up-seating and even removing the wheels (which is perfect as it’ll fit in our sedan’s trunk easily).

7) Preferred Seating
From bassinet to toddler seating – you can face the seat inwards or outwards for baby’s delight.


8) Easy to fold and store
The Diono Quantum Stroller is easy to fold with a rotating switch on the handle bar, the frame folds over for ease of storage. There is also a shoulder strap on the base of the stroller so you can carry it around.

9) Easy, one hand handling.
I love the ease of using one hand to steer the stroller, it makes it a smooth experience.

There are a couple things I think they could improve upon in terms of design:

1) There is no bassinet liner available in Canada – you can get it anywhere else except Canada, which is odd to me. You can use blankets to make it more comfortable as a bassinet.

2) The bottom of the bassinet is soft, so if baby is sleeping, transferring from the stroller to home can be tricky.

Overall, I really like this stroller. We’re still in bassinet mode, so I’m looking forward in seeing how it holds up as a toddler stroller.

For more information on the stroller, check out their website here: https://ca.diono.com/introducing-quantum/

Do you have this stroller? What features are important to you? Love to know your thoughts!