Not to be mistaken for another ramen restaurant, Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba serves up a hybrid experience of soba noodles (made with thick, chewy multigrain noodles) with ramen-like bowls minus the soup. But just because it’s served ‘dry’ doesn’t mean there isn’t any flavour to it – with the combination of ground pork, pork belly, shredded seaweed, green onions, bamboo shoots, garlic, soy egg, a raw egg and some seaweed sheets, along with a flavourful sauce – you get a punch of flavour throughout your bowl.

I ordered the Zenbu, the Chef’s Special which has a little bit of everything. The creaminess in the sauce gives this bowl a great flavour and weight to it without it being too much. They have seasoning on the table in case you want to kick it up a notch with vinegar or chilli flakes.

kokoro tokyo mazesoba

Additionally, they offer a small ball of rice at the end of your meal to soak up the rest of the sauce and enjoy it.

kokoro tokyo mazesoba

I also ordered the Tokyo Iced Milk Tea. It’s creamy, sweet and has a nice, slightly milder black tea taste (compared to a Hong Kong style Milk Tea).

We ordered the pork gyozas and chicken karaage to start our meal off.

kokoro tokyo mazesoba

The pork gyozas are good, they’re pan fried crispy to get that nice bubbly sear on one side. The pork inside is tender and not too salty.

kokoro tokyo mazesoba

The chicken karaage is a good size in terms of portions, well breaded and crispy but very juicy within.

Finally, it seems a couple of the more popular items on the menu is to get the Hokkaido Creme Cone and Fuji Cheese Cup Cake.

kokoro tokyo mazesoba

The Hokkaido Creme Cone is made fresh and served in a sweet, cookie-like cone. Since the ice cream is made fresh, it does melt faster than other ice creams that have artificial flavours and stabilizers.

kokoro tokyo mazesoba

The Fuji Cheese Cup Cake is a Japanese cheesecake served in a cute cup and a shovel with a nice cookie surprise at the bottom.

If you are in the mood for ramen, they do serve it up here, along with donburis as well!

Food: 4.5

Service: 5

Value: 4

Ambiance: 4


For more information and their menu, check out their website here: