The team at AnnaLena have opened up a cafe that serves delightfully delicious treats and coffee that will give your Instagram life.

their there vancouver

Featuring some staples on their menu and some rotating, seasonal items – it’d be really hard to get bored of the selection here. During my first visit, I picked up the Mexican Hot Chocolate cronut, Pumpkin Pie Cronut, Cereal Milk Donut and the Shmookie.

My mom decided to eat the Shmookie before I could give it a taste – but I’m assuming it was delicious considering how fast she ate it!

their there vancouver mexican hot chocolate cronut

The Mexican Hot Chocolate cronut is a croissant and donut hybrid – crispy on the outside with tender, buttery layers on the inside. It’s infused with slightly spicy chocolate that gives it a nice kick and flavour throughout.

their there vancouver mexican hot chocolate cronut

Sometimes with cronuts they can get overwhelming but this particular cronut has just the right amount of flavour and heaviness to it.

their there vancouver cereal milk donut

The Cereal Milk donut is packed with cereal milk cream on the inside – not too sweet but just sweet enough to reminisce on your childhood and sipping up the last bits of your cereal milk. The corn flakes on top are a nice added crunch.

their there vancouver pumpkin pie cronut

The Pumpkin Pie cronut was definitely my favourite of the bunch.

their there vancouver pumpkin pie cronut

their there vancouver pumpkin pie cronut

Crispy on the outside with just the right amount of cream and crunch from the pumpkin seeds. The inside is filled with a pumpkin cream which makes this cronut oh, so delectable. The filling is delicious, not too sweet but indulgent enough, you’ll want to have more than one!

I need to come back again for their lunch sandwiches and coffee!

Food: 5

Service: 5

Value: 4

Ambiance: 4.5


For more information, check out their website here: