Are you struggling to find something to give your friends who just recently had a baby? Let me tell you, one of the biggest struggles I faced (and still currently face, even 5 months in) is being able to make dinner. It’s just impossible – our baby wakes up pretty easily, so any noise from our kitchen will wake him up. I either have to wait until he’s awake or 99% of the time, it’s been take out.

hello fresh canada

I’ve been slowly getting back into cooking – I find it a nice break and pretty calming for myself to create a meal – even if it takes me more time to do so now. And the gentlest way back into it has been HelloFresh.

HelloFresh is a meal prep delivery service that provides pre-cut, farm-fresh ingredients that are delivered to your door.

You can choose how many meals a week you’d like to receive in your order for 2 or 4 people and there are a couple plans to choose from, including the Family Plan, Veggie Plan and the Pronto Plan – one I’m a fan of.

Their Pronto Plan provides meals that are usually under 30 minutes to prepare and with an assortment of delicious meals. You’re able to choose what kind of meals are packed into your box, so there is great flexibility there.

Speaking of which, their Pronto Plan is a Flexitarian friendly menu, that way you can cater to different taste buds and diets within your family.

I also love how affordable this is – you’re looking at about $10-13 per serving, which if you factor in the cutting, prepping, shopping, etc is totally worth it – especially for an exhausted new parent.

hello fresh canada

Right from the get go, the box is divided up with each meal you’ve ordered  – its colour coded and anything that is meat is in it’s own separate area and kept cool.

hello fresh canada

hello fresh canada

There are super nice recipe cards that come with your meals, they’re easy to follow, the pictures are nice and high-def and the pointers are great as you go along.

The meals are super easy to construct, they come with the perfect amount of items that you need. At first, I thought that maybe there wouldn’t be enough pasta for both me and Brian, but there was a lot! This dish – Fusilli Al Forno – was my favourite of the three I tried (although the other two were just as delicious).

You literally just need a pan, oil, cutting board, knife and a spoon to stir everything up for this recipe. Each recipe is fairly easy to follow, so even if you’re not a home chef, you could wow your family with these dishes!

hello fresh review

Fancy stuff, huh? It’s not only a beautiful dish but packed with great flavour. I loved every bite of this dish and I kept the recipe card because I intend to make this dish again and again at home!

You can give the gift of HelloFresh this holiday season! For more information, check out their website here: