[Editors (Dee’s) Note]: We’ve written about Peaked Pies before on the blog, but its always such a fun thing to introduce to other people! Nathalie was recently up in Whistler a couple weekends ago for Cornucopia and I mentioned how Peaked Pies (among a couple of other staples) was a must. Here are her thoughts on Peaked Pies!

During my time in Whistler for Cornucopia, I stopped by Peaked Pies for the first time. I ordered two – one sweet and one savoury pie.


The Apple Crumble and Chunky Steak and Pepper Pie.

The Chunky Steak and Pepper Pie was definitely my favourite of the two – I’d like to compare it to eating warm, hot beef jerky – but that sounds like it’s doing it a disservice. It’s basically packed with a lot of flavour you’d find – meatiness and weight from the steak and just the generous amount of pepper that reminded me of my favourite jerky moments.

The Apple Crumble was a nice way to end the meal, not too sweet but pretty formidable in weight.


I just HAD to come back again one more time for the Chunky Steak and Pepper Pie – I did it right this time, getting it Peaked with the mash potatoes, mash peas and gravy and it was heaven.

For more information on Peaked Pies, check out their website here: https://www.peakedpies.com/