With December’s festivities long gone, we’re left with January. Most people start resolutions this month in a bid to be healthy or try to get back on the horse of being more conscious of what they eat. I know I overindulged during Christmas time (it comes with the territory at the De Los Santos household) and I’ve been trying to get myself back into the regular habit of watching what I eat but balancing it delicious food.

heineken 0.0

During my pregnancy, I was curious to try non-alcoholic beers but never got around to it. I was sent some Heineken 0.0 to try recently and I was surprised to find that Heineken offers a non-alcoholic option in it’s Heineken 0.0 beer. I was even more surprised to taste it and find that it tastes almost exactly like your regular Heineken. What is this witchcraft?

If you’ve never had Heineken before, it falls between being a bit malty with nice, crisp fruit flavours. Of course, because it does not have the alcoholic content as a Heineken, it’s less malty and hoppy, but still quite enjoyable. And for those watching their calories, the beer bottle itself contains only 69 calories.

Heineken 0.0 is twice brewed and fermented with all of the ingredients you’ll find in a Heineken, but with the extra step of a gentle alcohol removal. There is some residual alcohol left over (there’s less than 0.03% alcohol).

heineken 0.0

I paired my beer with sushi just because it cuts the saltiness of the fish and heaviness of the rice very well. It rings true for any salty dishes including pizza, seafood, fried foods, etc.

I love the thought of non-alcoholic beer, it’s a way to stay in the game with friends at a party if you’re not into drinking or you’re a designated driver or just a refreshing way to enjoy it without the buzz.

For more information on Heineken 0.0, check out their website here: https://www.heineken.com/heineken00/