It’s the beginning of the year and I thought I’d try and share more things about myself and what I enjoy. For a while I kind of struggled with wanting to share more because I felt like it was pretty self-centered to do so, but I love writing and sharing good finds, so you’ll find a whole mixed bag of things that end up as my favourite. I’m not sure if this will become a monthly post, but we’ll see where this goes!

My Fave Foods/Restaurants:

Cold and rainy days call for banh mis and curry soups – the best banh mi (aka Vietnamese subs) are found at Au Petite Cafe, one of my favourite neighbourhood haunts.

I’m in LOVE with Their There’s pastries. Finally, some fun, creative eats in Vancouver that are just as delicious.

GUYS, you know I love supporting local businesses – one of my absolute favourites, if not my fave in recent months has been Hanai Family Table. A taste of Hawaii has finally landed in Vancouver – it’s been sorely needed. The first time I went to Hawaii 8 years ago, I craved the flavours of the islands when I got home and was sad to find out no restaurants existed here. Not anymore! Go support all they do!

When we talk about ‘last meals on Earth’ I tend to teeter between a couple cuisines, but nowadays, I think Japanese food has dominated that list! Nothing beats fresh sashimi, exotic fishes and the detail that goes into every slice.

My Fave Baby Related Things:

hape penguin

Hape Wobbling Penguin Instrument
Winston has been obsessed with this little wobbly penguin Nathalie got him for Christmas! What’s great is that it doesn’t topple over!

captain calamari

Captain Calamari
Captain Calamari has been a blessing every time we have to take Winston for a doctor’s appointment and he needs to be distracted! It’s got rings for him the chew on, crinkly things and a mirror hidden under his tentacles.

Nellie’s One Soap + Baby Laundry Soda

I love using natural products (and ones made in Canada) and Nellie’s has been my go-to since Winston’s been born. I use the laundry soda and love that it’s lasted for so long (I haven’t had to buy a new box for 7 months so far), I also love the fact it doesn’t have any heavy smell to it and does as good a job as any other detergent. The One Soap I use is the melon scented – I tried to switch to other soaps to wash Winston’s stuff in but they were just too overpowering in smell – Nellie’s only has a hint of melon in it’s smell. You can also get a fragrance free one of if you’re into that!