From now until March 11, McDonald’s will be introducing a spicy twist to the McChicken calling it the Spicy McChicken. There will be three levels of heat and it around only for a limited time in Canada (until March 11).

Here is the schedule of release:

Jalapeno McChicken: January 29 – March 11

Habanero McChicken: February 12 – March 11

Ghost Pepper McChicken: February 26 – March 11

jalapeno mcchicken mcdonalds-132217

I recently tried the Jalapeno one (I ordered it with extra sauce) and it’s got a nice kick to it when you bite into it with the sauce, but doesn’t leave too much of a resonating heat to it. The jalapeno sauce is mild, I’d say probably a 2-3/10 in terms of spiciness. But because I normally love my spice, it might skew how hot it might be to others.

It’s nice to see McDonalds trying something new without going too out there – just adding to their already popular McChicken is a safe way to introduce a new item, even if its limited edition.

For more information, check out their website here: