Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it’s still a good excuse to treat yourself (or the one you love). A lot of the time, we get caught up in the day to day, saying “I’ll do this next time” when it never happens. Wellp, I’m here to tell you to stop just even for one day and take care of yourself. From fun experiences, naughty but nice gifts and dining out – there’s just so much to do. I’ve put together a list of things and places you can bring someone special or TREAT YO SELF with!

rain or shine ice cream

Rain or Shine Flight of Ice Cream or Taco
Nothing says treat yo self more than having a flight of ice cream or an ice cream taco. My faves: Malted Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Coffee Toffee, Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache

Haywire’s Pink Bub
Local, delicious and bubbly – the perfect treat. It’s got nice sweet strawberry flavour with a zest of citrus and perfect for a meal or to pair with some sweets!

Chocolate Cave Buffet at Notch8
Need I say more? A chocolate cave buffet. You’ll be treated with a floor to ceiling custom build chocolate covered wall and over 35 different chocolate desserts and bubbly. Call me if you need a friend to help you eat all this.

Watch a Movie
Why not check out the latest movies? Top on my to-watch list: Glass, Alita Battle Angel and Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse.

Stay Home with Netflix
Sometimes all you wanna do is stay home, order in and watch some Netflix. Fighting the crowds may not be for you and that’s cool too. Some movies/shows that are on my to-watch list this Valentine’s Day: Kingdom (um zombies!), Sex Education, You and Ugly Delicious.

A little YOU time with Lelo’s Sona Cruise
Every grown woman should have some fun in her bedside drawer, why not have the best of the best?

Koko Monk Chocolates
Paul Dincer fuses art and chocolate together to create a symphony of beautiful flavours. If you love chocolate and are adventurous, I’d definitely recommend checking their flavours out! One of my faves is La Mer – a watermelon sea salt infused chocolate.

Trafiq Cake
Whether it’s a slice or a whole cake, no one’s going to judge you. Trafiq is my go-to for indulgent cakes – my favourites are the salted caramel and carrot cake.

gotham porterhouse steak

A nice steak dinner at Gotham
If you’re looking for the best place to have a steak in Vancouver, look no further than Gotham!

A fabulous meal or just a fabulous cocktail at West
West’s menu is fantastic but their extensive cocktail menu is just as fab!

Tojo’s Omakase
Masterfully made, you won’t find a dish you won’t enjoy at Tojo’s.