It seems to me that the bubble tea craze train is powering through. Yi Fang Taiwanese Tea is one of the latest chains to open up here in Vancouver – and they are sprouting up all over the lower mainland.

Yi Fang prides itself with using traditional Taiwanese premium tea and no artificial powders or syrups. Best known for their fruit teas, along with the famous black sugar pearls (made in house and often sells out quickly), we just had to try these two signature flavours.

Each drink costs approximately $6.50. Similar to other bubble tea places, you can adjust the sweetness and ice in your drink to your liking when ordering.

yi fang tea robson fruit tea

The YiFang Fruit Tea has oranges, apples and passionfruit mixed in to Taiwanese pineapple sauce and jade tea. Depending on how sweet you get it, it can be fairly sweet on its own – I usually go for no added sugar or 30%. It’s a nice mix and different flavour than any bubble tea I’ve ever had. The tartness from the apples are a good balance with the citrusy and sweet flavours overall.

The Black Sugar Pearl Latte is made with Sun Moon Lake black tea, fresh organic milk and their signature black sugar pearls. This particular drink is one of their most popular, but you cannot adjust the sweetness or ice to it – this means it can get quite sweet.

yi fang tea robson milk tea

The Black Tea Latte is the less sweet alternative to the sugar pearls, but still a nice treat. I do like their tapioca pearls at YiFang, they’re much smaller and tastier than most bubble tea places.

Food/Drink: 4

Service: 3

Value: 3.5

Ambiance: 4