Butter Baked Goods is tucked away in between Kerrisdale and Kitsilano – it’s a quaint neighbourhood corner cafe that is always bustling with people. They have a large assortment of items ranging from bars, cookies, cakes, freshly baked goods and other confections.

butter baked goods
Photo by: Nathalie Green

We ordered the home made wagon wheel, apple bar and peanut butter cookie (along with some tea).

butter baked goods

The  home made wagon wheel was raspberry flavoured and definitely a less sweet version than the processed wagon wheel you’d get in a box. There’s a crisp cookie in the middle, marshmallow and a hint of raspberry. Overall a good choice if you’re looking to have something that’s not too sweet at all.

butter baked goods

The apple bar was my favourite of the three, it was dense but moist and not too sweet. It held it’s shape and was perfect with my tea.

butter baked goods

Finally, the peanut butter cookie. I’m always a sucker for these and I’m not even that big a peanut butter fan. The cookie is dense and buttery without being too sweet or too heavy in taste. The peanut butter filling is also filling but light in taste.

Overall, Butter Baked Goods is a cute space to catch up with a friend over an assortment of goodies.

Food: 3.5

Service: 3.5

Value: 3.5

Ambiance: 5


For more information on Butter Baked Goods, check out their website here: https://butter-baked-goods.myshopify.com/