Our foodie fam has been feeling the Filipino food cravings recently, so we had to go check out Epic Grill Silogs in New Westminster. It’s situated in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood, so it makes for an interesting location.

epic grill silogs

epic grill silogs

The inside is what you’d expect to see in a diner: a single service area, license plates, large menus on the wall written in chalk. It’s very homely as well. Plus, with over a dozen types of silogs and some Canadian breakfast, sandwiches and burger options, there’s a lot of choices here.

epic grill silogs menu

Silog is a combination word (as Filipinos love doing with a lot of different words), so if you’re ordering Tapsilog, its Tapas (meat) + sinangag (fried rice) + itlog (egg). I went for the Epic Combo One which combines two silogs and I wanted to add bangus for $1, but the waitress said it would be basically Epic Combo Two – 3 silogs (although its more expensive almost $3 more to be exact. 🤔)

epic grill silogs

I ordered lechon (pork belly), tapas (marinated beef jerky) and bangus. It comes with two eggs and garlic fried rice for $19.95.

epic grill silogs lechon

The lechon was crispy on the outside but a little on the chewy and hard side.

epic grill silogs tapas

The tapas were really good, the marinade was the perfect balance of savoury and salty that I love with Filipino style tapas.

epic grill silogs bangus

The bangus is good and an interesting addition to the meal, as you can’t really get an add-on like this anywhere else. I highly recommend using the Epic Vinegar they provide – it’s perfect for all the meats (really, any meat on the menu + the vinegar!). The lechon comes with a side of mangtomas sauce, which is a staple in Filipino cuisine. Portion wise, this is a good portion. It definitely would fill you up without feeling overly stuffed. I feel that the price is a little on the high end.

epic grill silogs achara

I also ordered some Achara ($2) – a small ramekin of pickled green papaya, carrots, peppers in sweet and sour ginger pickled juice. It’s a good way to balance all the fried goodness.

For dessert, we ordered a leche flan and sans rival cake. Their flans and cakes come in different flavours, but we stuck to the original Sans Rival flavour (cashew) and pandan flavoured leche flan.

epic grill silogs leche flan pandan

The Leche Flan is buried in buko meat and then finished off with a pandan flavoured cake on the bottom of the leche flan. I know that this is more of a regional thing to do, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of it. I like my leche flan naked – just the flan and the caramel sauce on it. Overall, it’s fairly sweet but a pretty heavy dessert. It’s also a large portion, so you can definitely share between 4-6 people easily.

epic grill silogs sans rival cake

The Sans Rival Cake is a delicacy in the Philippines that I’m dying to master. It’s made of tender merengue layers, buttercream and ground cashews. I loved the the Sans Rival cake here – it was the perfect amount of crunch and butter to it that I enjoy. I would definitely recommend getting a slice!

Overall, Epic Grill Silogs is a good place to try some authentic Filipino breakfast and then some. I’d definitely recommend trying their Sans Rival cake!

Food: 3.5

Service: 3.5

Value: 2.5

Ambiance: 3.5


For more information and their menu, check out their website here: https://www.epicsilogs.com/