Snackshot is a hole in the wall in South Granville that you might just miss if you walked by it. Here they serve up interesting nods to popular Chinese items including their iconic Mahjong dessert.

This evening, we decided to check it out and try a couple items on the menu.

We had the Sprite with Ribena Bulldog, Crispy Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwich, Wooden Bucket Tofu and of course, the Mahjong Dessert.

snackshot mahjong tiles

The Mahjong Dessert was my favourite out of all of them. The Mahjong tiles are made of coconut and read bean pudding. The money is made of rice paper (so yes, it’s edible as well!).

snackshot mahjong tiles

The dessert isn’t too sweet and very smooth. It was refreshing after eating dinner next door at the Meat Up.

snackshot black sesame tofu pudding

The Wooden Bucket Tofu can come in different flavours – but the one we decided on was the  black sesame. It was gelatinous, not at all watery.

snackshot black sesame tofu pudding

On its own, its silky like beautiful dessert tofu, but it is made even better by the accompanying side toppings of brown sugar, white-sugar syrup and black sesame sauce. I found myself dipping my paper money from the Mahjong Dessert into the black sesame sauce.

snackshot green tea red bean

The Crispy Green Tea sandwich is good but not as memorable as the other two. There is something very comforting and delicious about eating ice cream in crispy bread though. The matcha ice cream was delicious.

snackshot ribena sprite

The Sprite with Ribena Bulldog was a bit too sweet for my palate, though my husband enjoyed it. Whatever little pearls they had inside this drink (not listed on the menu) was my favourite part. It was like crunching real bubbles – popped instantly and dissolved, so if you have someone adverse to tapioca pearls in your life, then this might be a better option to them.

Food: 4

Service: 4

Value: 3.5

Ambiance: 4