The Meat Up is a Chinese BBQ restaurant found in South Granville. It’s a great place to eat and share a couple drinks with friends.

This could easily be my replacement for the night market – it has a wonderful atmosphere, deliciously marinated meat and a selection of hearty food.

the meat up

The skewers are really well made, with nice, even flavour.

The ginger chicken skewers were really good – big crispy fried meat.

the meat up

I really like the novelty of a ‘pour your own draft beer’ pitcher. Beer is very cheap here. We ordered a pitcher for $12.80. We really wanted to get their BEER TOWER but we need to find one other person to justify a beer tower!

the meat up

I enjoyed the seaweed salad. Slightly sour and salty, it is a good palate cleanser between dishes.

the meat up

The black pepper beef, fish tofu, squid and traditional lamb were my favourites. Seasoned in chili marinade, the spice awakens your senses and the meat is so tender and juicy. My friend enjoyed the beef ligament. I loved the salt and pepper chicken as its my Asian comfort food. The salt and pepper chicken was extra crispy here and not greasy. I enjoyed some grilled rice cakes as well, which I mistook for buns they serve. I have yet to try it – I think its the mantou bread or garlic bread they serve on skewers.

The next time I’m in, I’m going to have to try their special spicy tripe pot or build my own pot!

Food: 3.5

Service: 3.5

Value: 3.5

Ambiance: 3


For more information, check out their menu here: