Uncle Willy’s Buffet

uncle willy's buffet

Uncle Willy’s. I can’t believe it’s still around. I remember going when I was really, really young – and often – with my parents. I remember their soft serve machine was the highlight of my meal every single time. Uncle Willy’s is still around after all these years and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere, anytime soon.

uncle willy's buffet
It’s Gastropapa! He’s still eating well, but busy with Gastrobaby recently 🙂

While the decor and inside is definitely from a different time era, you’ll find their buffet items haven’t changed much over the years. They focus on homestyle meal items, so you’ll find spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, fish, stews, soups and salads. Their claim to fame has got to be their fried chicken, I think that’s what everyone goes for these days. But if you were wondering, they do have a carving station – roast and ham.

While the variety of food isn’t bad, you don’t come here for a fancy meal. You’re getting pretty standard food, which is fine if you go into it with that kind of mentality. I wouldn’t say the quality is like River Rock or a Las Vegas buffet, but more of your local, hometown buffets you’d find roadtripping down in the US.

uncle willy's buffet

During our dinner visit, they had deep fried crab, which was an interesting addition. It was overcooked and dry however.

uncle willy's buffet

uncle willy's buffet

Dinner for Adults from Monday to Thursday is $16.99, $17.99 Friday to Sunday. Seniors are $15.99/$16.99 (F-S) and kids are their age times $1.50. Lunch buffet is much cheaper – Adults from Mon to Thurs is $12.99, Seniors are $11.99.

Food: 2.5

Service: 3

Value: 3

Ambiance: 1


For more information on Uncle Willy’s Buffet, check out their website here: https://www.unclewillysbuffet.com/

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