Usagi Sweets is a welcomed addition to the Oak corridor. Here, you’ll find sweets, drinks and even some cute merchandise to purchase. What I love about their space is that although it’s a small seating area, it’s very homey and warm feeling with the natural elements from the food and clay work. The stools and even the door handle is wrapped in knit which is such a cute touch.

We ordered the lunch set ($11), a couple mochi-mochi (cream cheese, matcha and goma – $1.50 each), goma miso brownie ($2) and some cookies like the matcha espresso, hojicha (75 cents each) and matcha alfajores ($1.50).

The lunch set offered comes with two onigiri two kinds of veggies and a soy egg. Today the veggies were broccoli, sweet yam and green beans in sesame. We also had some pickled carrots and daikon. Each onigiri had it’s own blend – both were flavourful but not overly so – very enjoyable! The veggies are how veggies should always taste – still chewy enough to retain the goodness of the vegetable but with a nice hint of flavour to it.

The sweets we ordered were the mochi mochi (matcha, goma and cream cheese), the goma miso brownie, matcha espresso cookie and hojicha cookie and the matcha alfajores. I loved the mochi-mochi as they were pillowy soft and chewy with great flavour. The goma miso brownie was probably my favourite because I love chocolate, but I really appreciated the fine balance between the sweet and salty flavours.

Of the cookies, my favourite was the matcha espresso, although the hoijcha was just as good. I loved the strong taste of espresso and ‘grit’ from the cookie.

The Matcha Alfajores was an interesting addition to the menu – it’s a crumbly, delicate cookie and in between is a creamy matcha filling.

Overall I really enjoyed every component here at Usagi Sweets. I’ll definitely be back to pick up some cookies as I’m in the area often!

Food: 5

Service: 5

Value: 4.5

Ambiance: 5


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