Often when you think of Richmond, you think of Chinese/Asian cuisine. And while that’s a fair assumption, there are always those hidden gems you come across. Anar Persian Cuisine is one of those hidden gems and they couldn’t be more hidden. You can find them on the second floor food court of President’s Plaza (you know, the building next to Yaohan that used to have the T&T?).

anar persian cuisine

anar persian cuisine dolmeh barg

We started off with the Dolmeh Barg ($6) which is beef stuffed in vine leaves with rice and herbs. I like the tangy, herbal-ish flavour from the vine leaves. It reminded me of a Vietnamese/Cambodian dish that is quite similar. It definitely is an acquired taste, but an interesting one to try.

anar persian cuisine lamb shank

We had the lamb shank ($11.50), it’s served with dill rice, banana peppers and olives. The stew that accompanied the lamb is wonderfully flavourful and complimented the lamb quite well. The lamb was so tender and fell off the bone easily. Dill rice is the perfect addition to give the rice a bit of a fresh taste. I would say that this was my favourite of all the dishes we ordered.

anar persian cuisine kubideh

Finally, we ordered the Kubideh ($14.50), two skewers of seasoned beef and lamb served with rice, salad, pepperoncini, olives and a roasted tomato. The skewers were very flavourful and tender, it didn’t require any dipping or additional sauce to be enjoyed. The salad and rice is a nice touch, but I think it’d be even better if it had dill rice instead. There were three of us and all three dishes combined had us stuffed.

I’d definitely recommend checking this place out, especially if you want a break from the Asian food in Richmond. It’s a great mom and pop shop!

Food: 5

Service: 5

Value: 5

Ambiance: 2.5


For more information, check out their website here: https://www.anarfoods.com/