I’m sad that it’s taken me this long to write about Frying Pan. I’ve been meaning (for a long time!) to check them out, especially since they’re so close during the Riley Park farmers market on Saturdays. Not too long ago, the weather was nice enough for a stroll with the baby to check out not only the Farmers Market but really – try out The Frying Pan.

the frying pan food truck

This Korean food truck claims to be the best fried chicken in town. And you know what? I’d tend to agree. While chicken sandwiches are hugely popular in Vancouver (amongst other things), The Frying Pan has been offering this delicious, crispy and juicy sandwich for a long time already.

the frying pan food truck hot and sweet

Their mains are their Fried Chicken Sandwiches and they go by heat. Because I’ve been recovering from a recent surgery, I went middle road and tried their Hot & Sweet! Honey Garlic jalapeno sandwich ($13). This comes with house honey-garlic sauce, jalapeno, mayo and marble cheese on top. You can also make it a meal with fries, pop, tea or lemonade.

the frying pan food truck hot and sweet

This sandwich is incredibly good. The breading is so crispy but not overly done. On the inside, the chicken is juicy and piping hot. The chicken is a massive slab and so filling. I love the heat and sweet in my sandwich – it would probably be a 5/10 in terms of spiciness, but still deliciously enjoyable amount of heat. The crunch from the jalapenos also added to it. Even baby had a bit of the sandwich and loved it (the inside part anyway).

the frying pan food truck blue lemonade

I ordered Blue Organic Freshly Squeezed Lemonade ($5). It’s made with blue-curacao orange, organic lemonade and a freshly squeezed half lemon. It was the perfect accompaniment to my sandwich.

I’ll have to come back and try their Smoky Bulgogi Fries and spicier chicken sandwiches very soon!

Food: 5

Service: 4.5

Value: 4

Ambiance: n/a


For more information on The Frying Pan, check out their website here: http://www.thefryingpan604.com