I don’t know how Diana does it finding these hole in the wall places, but if this isn’t the very definition of hole in the wall, I don’t know what is. Lamajoun is an Armenian bistro that serves up Mediterranean cuisine.

Today, we tried 3 items: Pide beef ($9.99), Khinkali dumplings ($9.99) and the Jingle Bread/Gozleme ($3.50).

We started off with the Pide beef, a dough boat with cheese, beef and egg in the middle. They make a couple types of Pide, so you can definitely try out the other ones that are vegetarian as well. The Pide crust reminded me of a pizza crust, crisp on the outside but nice and doughy on the inside without being overly heavy. The mix of salty sausage, cheese and egg made for a pretty heavy dish, so you could probably eat this on its own and be full from it.

Up next, the Jingle bread.

Stuffed with spinach, onions, fill, parsley, black pepper and olive oil, this had a refreshing flavour overall. It’s a nice, light way to start your meal.

Finally the Khinkali dumplings. They reminded me a bit of Xiao Long Bao, and I’m curious to know the history behind these dumplings. The reason they remind me of XLB is the way they are prepared, its shape and how inside retains soup and meat.

In these dumplings you’ll find beef, cilantro, onion and pepper. It reminds me of the beef ball you can order during dim sum. I thought the top part of the dough was a bit on the heavy side, but the meat, juices and rest of the dumpling overall was very enjoyable.

lamajoun menu

lamajoun menu

Food: 4

Service: 4

Value: 4.5

Ambiance: 3.5