Subway Canada recently introduced three new wraps into their line up – the Chipotle Steak and Guac, Turkey, Bacon & Guac and Chicken Caesar.

You can either get them regular or Signature sized – the Signature size is the best option as it’s double the amount of meat (based on a 6” sub).

Chipotle Steak and Guac Wrap

If you do get them regular sized, they’re grilled, but the Signature sized ones are on the large size, so they do not get grilled.

I tried all three and compared one of them to the regular sized wrap – here are my thoughts.

subway Chipotle Steak and Guac Wrap
Chipotle Steak and Guac Wrap

The Chipotle Steak and Guac – in a tortilla shell you get 100% Canadian steak with melty cheese, guacamole, lettuce, green peppers, red onions sliced tomatoes and creamy chipotle sauce. When I went to my local Subway they were out of guacamole, but the Chipotle Steak wasn’t so bad without it – the flavour is fully there, it was slightly dry but it would’ve been perfect with the guac.

subway Turkey Bacon and Guac Wrap
Turkey Bacon and Guac Wrap

The Turkey, Bacon and Guac is also on a tortilla, 100% Canadian turkey, bacon, creamy guacamole with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and tangy ranch sauce. I like the flavour throughout this wrap, the bacon gave it a good crunch and if the guacamole was included, it would definitely give it more weight and another dimension of flavour overall.

subway Signature Chicken Caesar Wrap
Signature Chicken Caesar Wrap

The Chicken Caesar has 100% Canadian rotisserie-style chicken with Monterey Cheddar cheese, parmesan, lettuce, tomatoes and Caesar dressing. I got both the regular and Signature style for this one and you can compare how much meat is in the Signature versus the regular.

subway Regular Chicken Caesar Wrap
Regular Chicken Caesar Wrap

Overall, I have to say that I really liked these wraps a lot – I think these might become my go-to choices when I’m at Subway from now on!

For more information on the wraps and Subway, check out their website here:

Disclosure: I was invited to try out the new grilled wraps at Subway, but all opinions are my own.