Uncle Testu Japanese Cheesecake opened to much fanfare a while ago – they’re notorious for their lineups. Well luckily for me the day I went, there was only one person ahead of me in line. I picked up their iconic Cheesecake ($12) which is 7 inches and comes in both the original flavour and matcha flavour (in Toronto only sadly!).

The thing with Japanese cheesecake is that it really surprises a lot of people who are used to the traditional cheesecake made with cream cheese. This is different – although it is made with the same type of ingredients (egg, milk, cheese), it’s lighter, fluffy and creamier texture makes it a completely different ballgame.

The cheesecake is dense when you cut into it but still very airy and light when you bite into it. Uncle Tetsu prides itself in using quality ingredients and baking this all by hand.

I do think that this is a delicious treat to have and the perfect dessert to bring to a party (or bring home and eat to yourself, I’m not here to judge).

Food: 5

Service: 4

Value: 4

Ambiance: 4


For more information, check out their website here: http://uncletetsu-ca.com/