Hailing all the way from Taiwan is Hot Star Chicken, think of it as a giant popcorn chicken but flat…and as big as your face!

hot star chicken richmond

They recently opened up in Richmond and we just had to go check it out.

hot star chicken richmond

They’ve been open for about a month now but it seems like only half their menu items are available still. Nevertheless, we tried the Original Large Fried Chicken and Crispy Large Fried Chicken (both $10.99), along with some of their sides.

We tried the Pepper Salt, Seaweed, Plum and the Original Fried Chicken.

The Seaweed and Plum had the most flavour, but I did enjoy the Original Fried Chicken as well. The Original Chicken is breaded similarly to Taiwanese popcorn chicken – it’s crispy and the inside is juicy. I found the Pepper Salt was a bit on the dry side.

For sides, we ordered Popcorn Chicken, Plum Sweet Potato, Fried King Oyster Mushroom and Taipei 101 Corn.

hot star chicken popcorn chicken

The Popcorn Chicken ($7.99) was ok in terms of flavour (we ordered the Spicy version), it was a medium heat level but I think it’s a bit on the pricey side for the amount we were given.

hot star chicken plum sweet potato

The Plum Sweet Potato ($4.99) was a highlight of the meal, the sweet and salty flavours and generous portions were worth the order.

hot star chicken fried king oyster mushroom

The Fried King Oyster Mushroom ($5.49) fell a bit flat, again, it felt like the amount of mushrooms in the order didnt justify the price.

hot star chicken- taipei cornFinally, the Taipei 101 Corn ($3.99). It was juicy and sweet and not bad for a side.

hot star chicken fried milk buns

For dessert, we had their fried buns with custard. These felt a little underwhelming, but maybe because we had the flavour explosion with the sweet potatoes and chicken.

Overall, Hot Star Chicken has some good options on the menu, but I’d wait until all the flavours and options are on the menu. I hope to visit again when it is to do a proper review!

Food: 3.5

Service: 4

Value: 3

Ambiance: 5


For more information and their menu, check out: http://www.hot-star.ca/