From humble beginnings at the local farmers markets, Elephant Garden Creamery has opened up a traditional brick and mortar location right on Commercial Drive. What makes this delicious ice cream parlour different than the others is the interesting mix of flavours you wont find anywhere else: flavours like Papaya Milk, Mango Coconut Tea Sticky Rice and HK Milk Tea for example.

elephant garden creamery-131115 exterior

You can get the traditional one or two scoops, flights or pints. We decided to go with the flights so we’d be able to taste almost every flavour – each flight is 4 different flavours for $12.

We went with Mango Coconut Tea Sticky Rice, Earl Grey Lavender, Papaya Milk, Strawberry Fields, Blueberry Cheesecake, HK Milk Tea, Cookies n’Cream Monster and Dat Gold Choco Ball.

elephant garden creamery flight

The Mango Coconut Tea Sticky Rice (which is also vegan) was my favourite of the mix, it reminded me a lot of my mom’s homemade dessert. There’s plenty of flavour here and I would definitely recommend trying it out!

The Earl Grey Lavender had very strong flavours to it – particularly the lavender, which I wasn’t too big a fan of.

The Papaya Milk was up next, I felt it was muted after having the Earl Grey Lavender before it in the flight. You do get a nice hint of papaya at the end of the scoop.

Strawberry Fields is a fresh and flavourful ice cream.

elephant garden creamery flight

The Blueberry Cheesecake is another highlight of mine – it had a good marbling of the blueberry and cheesecake flavour and crust chunks which gave this delicious ice cream great texture.

The HK Milk Tea is a good choice too, especially if you’re a big HK Milk Tea fan (which I am). The flavour isn’t too overwhelming and is perfect for a hot day.

Cookies n’Cream Monster was a favourite of mine, simply because the ice cream is blue (it’s made with the butterfly pea flower to give it the colour) and had cookie crumbs in it.

Finally Dat Gold Choco Ball – I’m a huge chocolate fan, so this is probably my second favourite here. It had a good, creamy chocolate taste to it with nuts to give it crunch and texture.

I loved that every single scoop seemed so perfect in each of the flight cups, the portion size is very generous and most of the flavours were great! I hope to come back and try their season flavours as they come out!

Food: 4.5

Service: 5

Value: 5

Ambiance: 5


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