The Indian Summer Festival has kicked off and runs until the 14th this year. Showcasing talent, encouraging conversations and so much more – the ISF’s goal is collaboration. We were invited to the annual opening party at the Roundhouse Community centre that featured so many great chefs in the city, including the iconic Chef Vikram Vij but also chefs from Ancora, Medina, La Bodega and La Glace to name a few.

indian summer festival 2019-31

The festival theme this year is Tricksters, Magicians and Oracles and we got the full spectrum of what the festival had to offer at the opening party!

indian summer festival 2019-31

There are plenty of events to checkout throughout the festival, including Tiffin Talks: a five-part idea series that showcases diversity in leaders, artists, innovators and changemakers while sharing a meal together.

You can see what’s happening this week here:

Photos by: Nathalie Green