Take me out to the ball game! It seems every year Nat Bailey stadium ups the ante with something new and crazy on their menu. This year they have a couple new items worth mentioning: C’s Ground Roll Double, Home Plate Pretzel, Irish Nachos and Double C’s Caesar.

c ground roll double sushi hot dog nat bailey

The C’s Ground Roll Double ($12) is a hot dog wrapped up like a sushi roll in seaweed, cucumber slices and sushi rice. It’s served along with wasabi and soy sauce. It’s an oddity for sure, but a good snap for the ‘gram if you’re at the game.

nat bailey home plate pretzel

Up next is the Home Plate Pretzel ($16), it’s the biggest pretzel I’ve ever seen in my life – I’d say its at least 8-10” in diameter. You would think a pretzel this big would be too hard, but it’s made perfectly with the doughy inside and slightly crisp outside with a good amount of salt. Definitely great to share!

nat bailey stadium caesar

The Double C’s Caesar  ($17.50) is also new, they use the Keg’s Caesar mix to create a delicious salty, sweet and tangy drink to enjoy at the game.

We didn’t get to try the Irish Nachos ($13), but they are also new to the menu.

yard dog nat bailey

If you’re looking for their Yard Dog, they are still on the menu – they’re my favourite thing to order there!

For more information, check out the Vancouver Canadians’ website here:  https://www.milb.com/vancouver