After his departure from Origo Club, Remi Ho branched out to create his delicate desserts on his own terms. You’ll find him at pop-ups – I found him at Paragon Tea Room (where he sets up shop on Wednesdays and Fridays but only until August 10!).

The ever impulsive foodie that I am, I was so tempted to order one of everything off the menu but I restrained myself (after all, I am in the area frequently). I ordered the Hojicha Flan, Cloud Cake, Kaya Coconut Mango Roll Cake, Earl Grey Eclair and Thai Tea Roll.

remipatisserie-hojicha flan

The Hojicha Flan ($3.50) – Hojicha is a roasted, Japanese green tea that is full of flavour – likewise, this flan had great flavour to it without being too overwhelming. The crust is crispy and the flan is buttery and a distinct flavour of Hojicha.

remipatisserie-cloud cake

The Cloud Cake ($3.75) – The Cloud Cake is a nod to the ever popular Japanese cheesecake. It’s light, fluffy but still has that lingering creamy taste that everyone enjoys!

remipatisserie-kaya coconut mango roll

Kaya Coconut Mango Roll Cake ($6.50) – One of my favourites of the bunch, this is a nod to a popular Malaysian snack (Kaya toast) but mixed with mango into a lovely roll cake. I loved the balance of flavour between the coconut and mango, neither were overpowering one another but complimentary. The roll cake is tender and spongey.

remipatisserie-earl grey eclair

Early Grey Eclair ($6) – The Earl Grey Eclair is a beautiful pastry and flavourful, especially if you’re a fan of Earl Grey. The choux is crispy and airy, while the cream has a strong taste of Earl Grey tea to it.

remipatisserie-thai tea roll

Thai Tea Roll ($6.50) – Finally, the Thai Tea roll. I want to say this was my favourite of the bunch. The filling bursted with Thai tea flavour but was evened out with the spongy, tender taste from the roll cake. This will definitely be my go to when I visit!

I love seeing more businesses pop-up this way and change the status quo of the same kind of desserts you’ll find around the city. I look forward in trying more of the treats here!

Food: 4.5

Service: 5

Value: 4

Ambiance: 4.5


For more information, check out Remi Patisserie’s Instagram here: