If you know me, you know I love the colour pink. So much to my surprise, Purdy’s came out with Ruby coloured chocolate.

Everything is natural – there is no added fruit flavour or colour to the chocolate itself.

purdys ruby chocolate

The Ruby Cherry Almond Bar ($4) is made with ruby cocoa (they use special cocoa beans that go a shortened fermentation process to enhance the tropical fruit notes and natural hue) and is filled with dried, tart cherries and roasted almonds. The flavour is slightly sweet and tart and is a perfect snack.

purdys ruby chocolate

The Ruby Praline ($12) is created with cocoa gianduja using smooth almond puree in a ruby cocoa shell. The pralines are such a treat – they taste so good, it’s hard to share!

The Ruby Chocolate from Purdy’s is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted and I definitely recommend giving it a try!

Learn more or pick up some for yourself on their website here: http://purdys.com