Grand Crush Recap! This event is so enlightening to find new and local brands on the scene.

My first find was White Owl Whiskey. Aged in charred oak Bourbon barrels then filtered to produce a clean and clear, water white whisky. It was citrus and butterscotchy – it is a smooth, caramel like sip. They made me a Caesar as well, delicious!


This has to be my other favourite. Montis Distilling is so distinctly Pacific Northwest in its execution and style. It is Whistler’s first, small-batch craft distillery. I do not like gin but their gin is turning me into a convert. The beautiful alpine notes and the crispness of the drink is wonderful.

Coast Mountain – I tried the Day Dreamer, which is an IPA. Its base is Canadian wheat and toasted oats to create a bready, delicious mouthful.

Sheringham Seaside Gin was THE star of the show. This is my absolute favourite find! Another small batch distillery from Vancouver Island. If you read my craft tonic post ahead, they also offer other unique spirits. This won the World Gin Awards World’s Best Contemporary Gin. It’s wow factor? The local kelp with the botanicals in the gin. Try it. Go to the Distillery. Throwing a Cider into the mix, Nomad’s Golden Russet has to be one of the unique ciders I’ve tasted. I don’t like my ciders too sweet, so I really enjoyed the russet as being a full-bodied flavour of cider.

Some hometown love here: REPRESENT MAX’S! My one critical note of Cornucopia is it is… very white. So seeing Max’s here is fantastic. Hopefully we see more of the fusion culture integrated more.