Look, I’m not going to mince words. After becoming a mom, it’s been hard to make time for cooking, baking, writing, keeping up with friends and trends – let alone for myself. I don’t know how you other moms do it, but kudos to you and your super human time allocation. That said, I still love having people over, especially during the holidays. The less time I have to prep something that will still be well received, the better!

This is why I’m writing about Sabra Hummus Toast today. While it’s still making its way over here to the West Coast, I was inspired to create some easy two bite snacks for guests or even a quick breakfast.

Hummus has numerous health benefits but I like how versatile it is, you can have it in so many ways and it never over powers the dish but simply compliments it.

The first one I created is a throwback to what my dad made for breakfast every morning for when we were running late: salted tomato on toast. Of course, this is a little more upscale because I used Black Diamond Sea Salt (which is super striking in photos and has great texture). I added Sabra’s caramelized onion hummus to kick up the sweet salty flavour overall.

The second one is a West Coast favourite: smoked salmon. I used Sabra’s Spinach and Artichoke hummus and topped it off with some fresh dill and thin slivers of purple Onion to give it that pop in flavour.

What would you put on your Sabra Hummus Toast? Let me know down below for a chance to win some product! I’ll be randomly drawing two winners for 1 coupon each on Friday, December 13th! Good luck!

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