The grand foyer in the Whistler Conference Centre is always decked out when I come to Cornucopia. Even more decked out with Sub-Zero and Wolf’s modern appliances. As a nerdy fact, did you know Cove was recently acquired by Sub-Zero/Wolf, adding dishwashers to their lineup? (I’m not sponsored by them, I just work for an appliance company!) This was my first meal in Whistler and I felt set up for a day packed full of activities afterwards. I was treated to various gluten free bread, smoothies, energy balls, cheeses and supplements.


The energy balls were Chocolate Cranberry, Chocolate Cinnamon, Vanilla Lemon and Vanilla Pumpkin. My favourite was the vanilla pumpkin, which was made from pumpkin purée, dates, oat flour, chia seeds, almond butter, vanilla Juice Plus Complete, Himalayan salt and cinnamon. (The Juice Plus Complete is a food based product, not a supplement/vitamin)


The smoothies served were the chocolate power smoothie and vanilla power smoothie. They kept the recipes simple because their focus is on uncomplicated eating filled with wholesome ingredients. I’m usually a chocolate person, but I ended up really liking the vanilla power smoothie because it had frozen blueberries in it, along with almond milk, banana, avocado and vanilla flavoured Juice Plus Complete Powder.


While I was eating bread, besides learning that the cheese and grass fed butter came from local suppliers, I learnt about a product named Quark. It is a unique replacement for ricotta. Quark is a creamy, vegetarian, unripened cheese and it is like a stiffer cottage cheese to me.

The supplements we sampled were to see the distinct flavour profiles of each supplement. I have to admit that I am not knowledgeable about supplements so I cannot offer a deep analysis of what I ingested, however, if you did attend and can speak about the supplements, please comment!

The last image is a unique light powered garden you can have in your home that grows veggies.

Nourish was hosted by Astrid Cameron Kent and Britt Janyk. Astrid’s life is very interesting – she has a super size garden and is a regular to farms in Richmond. She has an athletic career, which includes marathons, Ironmans and various multi-sport, multi-day events. She turned to many of the leading edge (at the time) nutritional and energy sources and products she found herself depleted, under nourished and exhausted. With this in mind, she’s created the lifestyle, recipes and processes of creating nourishing diets. She also teaches and coaches various fitness methodologies, like yoga, cycling and onwards.

Britt Janyk grew up on the streets of West Vancouver and from a young age was fuelled with whole food nutrition. Her mother started an organic food coop out of their carport and this began Britt’s own journey. She became a successful ski racer, and she successfully competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics Games and finished 6th in the Downhill. She is a resident of Whistler, BC.

Not only did I have a good, good, good start prior to a weekend of drinking because of these ladies, it is always wonderful to see power women succeed and help others in their community. Britt and Astrid are definitely inspirations.

For more information, please check out Whistler Cornucopia’s website: