I love mixed spaces that incorporate retail and food/drink service. I think it should be more of a thing here in Vancouver – but I suspect with rising rent, it might become popular in the years to come. Ecologyst is one of these spaces in Whistler. Their storefront is cozy mountain-wear that is durable and sustainably produced. In the back, you’ll find their cafe – an unassuming space that makes a damn good coffee and Instagram-worthy toasts.

If you look up their Instagram, you’ll find a variety of their toasts (Nutella and sea salt, Hummus, toasted pumpkin seeds, chili flakes, sea salt, etc). When I was there, they had a special toast – S’mores which was created with you guessed it, Nutella and torched mini marshmallows on the top. What a treat to start the day off with. We also ordered their mocha ($5.85 – made with oak mylk) and green tea ($3.75).

The flavour of the mocha was good – it wasn’t too sweet and the oat milk gave it more of a depth and weight to it.

The S’mores toast was a big portion, served on a thick slice of toast. There was a generous portion of Nutella smothered over the toast and also a tonne of mini marshmallows that were torched right there in front of us. Overall, an indulgent but great treat.

I definitely want to go  back and try more of their toasts!

Food/Drink: 5

Service: 5

Value: 5

Ambiance: 5


For more information (there isn’t information on the cafe unfortunately), check out their website here: https://ecologyst.com/